As a leading provider of comprehensive substance abuse and mental health services in the Northwest, our compassionate staff is committed to providing the highest quality individualized care.

A State-Certified Chemical Dependency Treatment Agency

Drug and Alcohol Assessment

The manifestation and development of alcohol and drug problems involve a complex combination of biological, psychological, and sociological factors that are unique to each individual. Successful change or recovery begins with a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment by our highly qualified counselors, and treatment is dependent on a person’s commitment to an individualized program that considers both their strengths and needs.

Our Addiction Treatment Center Approach

At Assessment & Treatment Associates (ATA) we understand the benefit of an integrated approach to healing and that is why we offer mental health counseling and general wellness services as part of our addiction treatment programs.  Substance abuse problems affect not just the individual but the whole family so as part of our program we provide education and offer family counseling.

  • Our initial drug and alcohol assessment followed by addiction treatment services are flexible and take into account work, school, family and other life demands.
  • ATA is committed to providing personalized addiction treatment services that focus on the needs of the whole person. We have a broad spectrum of services that address prevention, recovery, emotional health, and overall wellness.
  • At ATA we understand the complex dual relationship between substance abuse and mental health. Our specialists help bridge the gap and clinically identify and treat emotional problems to maximize the clients chances of success.
  • ATA provides a variety of services for those individuals who are involved with the legal system.

Serving Washington state with offices in
Bellevue, Bellingham, Kennewick, Mountlake Terrace and Tacoma