At ATA we understand the complex dual relationship between substance abuse and mental health. Our specialists help bridge the gap and clinically identify and treat emotional problems to maximize the clients chances of success.

Mental Health Services

ATA has a range of general mental health counseling and therapy services available that include:

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

A substantial proportion of persons with alcohol and drug problems also have additional mental health symptoms that need clinical attention. As part of our intake for clients receiving substance abuse and dependency treatment at our agency we refer those who demonstrate such symptoms for further evaluation by our mental health staff to build in adjunctive care as part of their overall program.

Criminal Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

Persons charged with misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses sometimes exhibit behavioral and emotional conditions associated with their arrest that result in court mandated mental health evaluations to determine the need for interventions to reduce the risk of re-offending. We take referrals from courts and attorneys to provide a determination of the degree to which such conditions are present and the type of service necessary to address their problems.

Mental Health Counseling

Our clinical staff can provide counseling and therapy for mild to moderate mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, interpersonal conflict, life transition, marital problems and other issues in life that interfere with personal functioning.

Mental Health Deferred Prosecution

Clients adjudicating their criminal offense through deferred prosecution can petition the court for consideration of this option based upon a diagnosis of a substance use and/or a mental health disorder. Our mental health clinicians have substantial experience in conducting the combined alcohol/drug and mental health evaluation and recommending the appropriate treatment necessary to gain court approval for this disposition.

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